Automatic Voltage regulator

Single Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator


Single phase Automatic voltage regulator regulate each phase sperately,automatic voltage regulator monitor and control MODBUS,DNP3 communicate protocol could connector step voltage regulator to smart grid,HT voltage regulator is best and ecomnoic solution for those long distance transmission and distribution line voltage drop problem.

Farady step voltage regulator are designed for reliable operation and ease of maintenance and are supplied with a full array of standard features for routine applications. HT voltage regulator optional accessories are available to ac-accommodate special application it is also suitable for the energy saving projects for railway and urban grid. Farady transformer series step voltage regulator are available with a full complement of standard features for routine applications, as well as a full line of optional accessories for unique applications. In addition, the step voltage regulator offers desirable features that enhance operation and service. The step voltage regulator is basically a transformer that has its high-voltage winding (shunt) and low-voltage winding (series) connected to either aid or oppose their respective voltages. Subsequently, the output voltage of step voltage regulator could be the sum or difference between the winding voltages. For example, if the step voltage regulator has a turns ratio of 10:1 with 1000 V applied in the primary, then, the secondary voltage will be 100 V. Adding or subtracting by using the connection mentioned above – the output voltage of step voltage regulator would be 1100 V or 900 V, respectively. Thus, the step voltage regulator becomes an step voltage regulator with the capability to boost (raise/step-up) or buck (lower/step-down) the system voltage by 10%.

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