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SG&DG Dry Type Transformers


Dry type transformer is one of our mature products, which are manufactured in accordance with international and domestic market applications. DG and SG series single phase and three phase dry type transformer adopts high quality material and advancd technology, it has advantages of damp proof and convenient maintenance, it can be applied to such power transmission and distribution places like underground railway, high building, airport, station, wharf, enterprise, tunne, etc. It is mainly used in power supply occasions of AC 50~60Hz and voltage less than 500V. All the input and output voltage, connection group and capacity of tapped winding can be designed and produced according to user’ requirements.

Standard Features

• Low cost alternative to equivalent isolation transformer

• ANSI & NEMA Std • High efficiency performance for cost-effective of operation • Suitable for three-phase voltage transformation in commercial, industrial and institutional • Ratings from 3 to 750KVA • Input has 2.5% FCAN and FCBN Taps • ULÒ recognized components for safe, quiet and reliable operation • Units are designed and built in compliance with ANSI and NEMA standards • Other capacity, voltage or frequency ratings can be made available upon request • Nema 1, fully detachable enclosure

Service condition

1.Ambient temperature: -10° C~+40° C \2. Altitude: <1000m \3. Relative humidity: <90% \4. Installation site should be no gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust or dirt that will affect transformers insulation seriously, also explosive or corrosive medium is not 1llowed. \5. If any special working conditions that are not in line with the above stipulations, user shall negotiate with us.


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Technical Specification

SG series three phase Dry type transformer



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