Three Phase Oil Immersed Transformer(S11-25/10-0.4KV)




oil immersed power transformer,based on know-how accumulated over decade years in oil immersed distribution transformer field, Farady’s oil-immersed transformers have been supplied to various industries including semiconductor, steel work, and petrochemical. Further, as an outstanding and comprehensive oil immersed distribution transformer solution provider, we respond to the oil immersed power transformer demanding requirements of our customers by developing and manufacturing both eco-friendly pole mounted distribution transformer and high-efficiency oil immersed power transformer. Both oil immersed distribution transformer and pole mounted distribution transformer are designed for power centres,substations and network, also for pad mounted oil immersed power transformer, used in public distribution system, commercial building and industrial complexes

Technical specification

  1. Type: oil , hermetically sealed.

  2. Number of phases: 3.

  3. Frequency: 50 Hz.

  4. Capacity: 25 KVA.

  5. Nominal voltage: 10 / 0.4 KVA.

  6. Voltage regulation range: ±2x2.5%

  7. Vector group: DYN 11.

  8. Cooling type: ONAN

  9. Oil type: Mineral Oil, according to IEC 60296.

  10. Impedance: 4%

  11. Load losses : 900 W.

  12. No load losses : 200 W.

  13. Isolation class: Class A

  14. Working conditions: 2500 meters

  15. working environment temperature: -30℃~40℃

  16. Maximum temperature on the winding in working mode: 65 K

  17. Maximum oil temperature in working mode:60 K

  18. Short circuit withstand time: 2 seconds.

  19. Winding material (High voltage, low voltage): Aluminum

  20. Total weight : 290 KG Oil weight: 80KG

  21. Dimensions : 700605950 mm

  22. Accessories of transformer: The transformer has: a board of characteristics issued by the manufacturer, oil level indicator, pressure valve, thermometer pocket, high and low voltage porcelain devices, earthing terminals, hook outlets, oil filling and leak valves.

  23. Warranty: 2 years. Year of manufacture 2020

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