75kva 3상 변압기

Faraday is located in Leqing, Zhejiang, China. Founded in 1999, it is one of the leading manufacturers of power transmission and transformation equipment in China. We have top-notch domestic electromechanical experts, technicians, and skilled workers. At present, we mainly produce indoor & outdoor switch,voltage regulator,RMU & Switchgears, etc.

We have advanced factory equipment and production processes. We have successively introduced advanced fully automatic production lines, fully automatic digital pouring systems, automatic winding machines and other equipment from abroad. Our products have passed certifications such as ISO, KEMA, ASTA, CE, etc. Our partners include ISRAEL ELECTRIC,NESCO,ANDE,ENSD,PDVSA, etc.

제품 이름 75kva 3상 변압기
원산지 웨칭, 저장성
브랜드 이름 Farady
애플리케이션 높은 건물, 동네 단위... 등
인증 CE,ISO 9001…etc
포장 세부 정보 합판 상자에 포장
리드 타임(일) 10-30(협의 예정)
공급 능력 월 100세트/세트

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The workshop show for 75kva 3 phase transformer



Our customers come to visit 75kva 3 phase transformer products


This is 75kva 3 phase transformer and other products




This is our 75kva 3 phase transformer product installation display