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Pole mounted transformer
Farady pole mounted transformer Meets ANSI/IEEE/CSA standard;pole mounted transformer tank coating exceeds ANSI C57.12.31;pole mounted transformer cover with a minimum dielectric strength of 8 kV;pole mounted transformers tin-plated high-and low-voltage bushing terminals to accommodate aluminum or copper conductors;pole mounted transformers with laser-scribed anodized aluminum nameplate;pole mounted transformers electrical grade mineral oil;single phase pole mounted transformer with heavy-duty lifting lugs and hanger brackets per ANSI/CSA requirements;pole mounted transformers Visible cover ground on units with cover-mounted bushings;pole mounted transformers recessed tank bottom that offers protection when sliding over rough surfaces;pole mounted transformers with automatic pressure relief device;pole mounted transformers use Polymer low-voltage bushings (5-50 kVA);pole mounted transformers build with arrester mounting and grounding provisions;pole mounted transformers secondary leads are stamped to ensure proper identification;Stainless steel loops on cover band;Dependable Overhead pole mounted transformers

complete self protection transformer are available with a variety of protection options including Interrupter, a secondary breaker with weak link for secondary fault and overload protection, a primary weak link fuse, current-limiting fusing for high interrupting ratings and limiting fault currents, and internal or external lightning arresters in farady csp type transformer

Complete Self Protection Type

Conventional transformer is an ideal product used for high-story building,shoping centre,subway,airport,bus station,factory and power plant. conventional pole transformer

 is especially used for the place where it needs high flame retardant and flame proof.

D11 conventional type transformer is of high efficiency and low loss factor. It is applicable to both the rural power network for agriculture, illumination and power utility, and the urban power network reconstruction. It is energy saving and can be installed on flat floor or be pole-mounted transformer

Conventional Type

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