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Pad mounted Transformer
Pad-mounted transformer follow to standard:ANSI C57.12.00 – Standard General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers, pad mounted transformerANSI C57.12.22 – Standard for Transformers - Pad-Mounted, padmounted transformer,Compartmental-Type, Self-Cooled, Three-Phase Distribution Transformers with High-Voltage Bushings, 2500 kVA and Smaller: High Voltage, 34,500Grd/19,920 Volts and Below; Low-Voltage, 480 Volts and Below - RequirementsANSI C57.12.26 – Standard for Transformers-Pad-Mounted, pad mounted transformersCompartmental-Type, Self-Cooled, Three-Phase Distribution Transformers for Use with Separable Insulated High- Voltage Connectors, 34,500 Grd/19,920 Volts and Below; 2500 kVA and SmallerANSI C57.12.28 – Standard for Switchgear and Transformers, padmounted transformersPad-Mounted Equipment – Enclosure Integrity

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