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Culture is the soul of an enterprise, it is not only for the enterprise, also created a business.As the one of top brand of distribution transformer manufacturer in southeast china.Farady Electric has been committed to creating a lasting strong corporation culture.Whether it is personnel training and management,Farady Electric has been supported with eight words: "Pragmatism, Innovation,Efficiency, and Responsibility.as the core values of corporate culture has become the soul of the enterprise in the Farady

The basic idea

Farady has been committed to creating a lasting deep enterprise culture, whether it is personnel training and management, Farady has been adhering to the eight words of " Pragmatism, Innovation,Efficiency, and Responsibility.," as the core values of corporate culture has become the soul of Farady enterprise.

Environmental health and safety

All farady people responsibility to comply with health and safety rules and practices in order to maintain a safe working environment. It is your responsibility to immediately to the supervisor or other person appointed to report the accident, damage and unsafe equipment, habits or conditions. Farady promises to keep a safe working environment.

In order to ensure the safety of all employees, each of us must not be likely to hinder our safe and effective work activities under the work conditions is guaranteed. In order to keep Farady valuable reputation, compliance with the quality process and safety regulations are critical to our. When we send the goods or services failed to meet Farady standards, we damage our reputation.

Corporate Values

Pragmatism, Innovation,Efficiency, and Responsibility.

On the social responsibility

In all of our business environment, farady people a responsible person

Farady’s service to the community, to provide high quality products at the same time pay attention to environmental protection at a reasonable price, abide by the US in every state environmental protection laws and regulations, business activities, Farady made a commitment to environmental protection, will affect the application of Farady products on the environment to minimize, and efforts

to promote the sustainable use of natural resources in the world the way we operate products business. Each employee to comply with policies and plans by Farady Farady to support the commitment to environmental protection.

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