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Dry Type Transformer
Dry Type Transformers are for indoor and outdoor applications in schools, hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings and anywhere that safe and dependable power are important considerations.Dry type power transformers can have their windings insulated various ways. A basic method is to preheat the conductor coils and then, when heated, dip them in varnish at a high temperature. The coils are then baked to cure the varnish. This process is an open-wound method and helps ensure penetration of the varnish. Cooling ducts in the windings provide an efficient and economical way to remove the heat produced by the electrical losses of the transformer dry type by allowing air to flow through the duct openings. This dry type transformer insulation system operates satisfactorily in most ambient conditions are also sealed with an epoxy resin mixture.Another version of the dry type power transformer is a cast coil insulation system. It is used when addition coil strength and protection are advisable. Theses transformer dry type are used in located  where environments are harsh,  such as cement and chemical plants and outdoor installations where moisture, salt spray, corrosive fumes, dust, and metal particles can destroy other types of dry power transformers. These cast coil units are better able to withstand heavy power surges, such as frequent but brief overloads experienced by  dry type transformer serving transit systems and various industrial machinery. Cast coil units  are now being used where previously only liquid-filled units were available for harsh environments. dry type power transformer can have the same high levels of BIL while still providing ample protection of the coils and the leads going to the terminals.

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