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More efficient amorphous metal transfomer amdt transformer lead to a reduction of generation requirement and, when using amorphous core electric power generated from fossil fuels, less CO2 emissions. This technology has been widely adopted by large developing countries such as China and India where labour cost is low. amorphous metal core transformer are in fact more labour intensive than conventional distribution transformer, a reason that explains a very low adoption in the comparable European market. These two countries can potentially save 25–30 kwh electricity annually, eliminate 6-8 GW generation investment, and reduce 20–30 million tons of CO2 emission by fully utilizing amdt amorphous transformer technologyMore than ever, electric utilities and industries today are searching for technologies that will reduce their operating costs and improve energy savings throughout their systems. New transmission and distribution (T&D) technologies are now available to help utilities meet these goals.With amorphous transformer (amdt transformer) -- with up to 80% lower core loss than conventional transformers -- farady transformer is helping utilities worldwide to achieve their efficiency objectives. When you consider that 10% of all electricity generated by utilities is lost in the transmission & distribution process, the potential savings through reductions in core loss can be significant.Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformer cores made with farady amorphous metal alloy make lower core losses possible. amorphous metal transfomer are key to improving utility economics and enhancing energy conservation efforts worldwide.

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